Monday, October 15, 2012

Photographer: Laura Makabresku

Untitled We are so lonely here, on an august moon. We are falling asleep hidden in a graves covered with cold flowers. We are waiting for a comet to arise. It was cold, winter morning. I observed through the window how she got out of the cab. I opened the door and for the first time I saw her gentle eyesight - eyes cold as they were a frozen ocean. Then I allowed her sleepy body to lay down on my bed. first signs of winter sun

How beautiful are these photographs by the very talented Laura Makabresku? I came across one of her works on Tumblr and feeling quite intrigued, I clicked on the link only to open up a whole photostream of photographs that are just so mesmerizing and slightly haunting but in the most beautiful way. There's nothing I enjoy more sometimes than stumbling upon a photographer whose work inspires me this much! Plus, did I mention she has an amazing blog too? What do you think about these photographs? - I'd love to hear your thoughts :)

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